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GARTT GT700 RC Helicopter
Type:GARTT GT700
The amazing GARTT 700 DFC Helicopter is on the market now!
GT700, made for flight. 
Don’t miss it!
    The amazing GARTT 700 DFC Helicopter is on the market now! After hundreds of test

flights by the world-class pilots, the GARTT 700 Helicopter can fit each type of flight,

Hard 3D Maneuvers or Speed Flight, just use your imaginations! 

     The brand new 700 DFC (direct flight control) rotor head utilizes

high quality radial bearings, thrust bearings and is anodized in

a beautiful silver finish. Having low center of gravity, low resistance,

responsive controls, these feathers led you to have incredible experiences

during flight.

     Also with the stunning hand-paint unique Fire canopy, low wind

resistance streamline design, no extra movements, the GARTT 700

Helicopter will sure give you more surprises!

GT700, made for flight.

Don’t miss it!

Add:Fenglin international centre B2716,Longgang district, Shenzhen, Guangdong,China   Tel:(86)13424336940